Steve Gerrard gets new contract

02 October, 2012
Steve Gerrard

Steve Gerrard is given a new role

Steve Gerrard has been appointed managing director of UK wine agency Barwell & Jones with immediate effect.

Since early 2012 Gerrard held the role of sales director at the Essex-based Barwell & Jones. He will be the first permanent MD at the agency which re-launched as a wine-only bussiness in March.  

He has worked in the wine business for over 20 years including senior roles within the PLB Group, HwCg, S&N UK and Waverley TBS.  

Barwell & Jones’s portfolio comprises wines from twelve “premium” wineries including Castillo Perelada, Viña Morandé, Miolo and Bodegas Tobia.

According to his employers, “Gerrard has a breadth of commercial sales knowledge and management experience, which will enable him to continue to facilitate the development and future direction of Barwell & Jones”.

Gerrard said: "Over the last few months I have recognised the potential of Barwell & Jones and our portfolio of premium quality wineries. As we embark on this new and exciting era we are investing in the expansion and development of our team to help us achieve our ambitions.

“We will continue to review our portfolio to ensure we have the correct mix of wineries that we are proud to represent and share our desire to develop relationships that engage our customers and consumers."


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