Michel Roux launches wine

23 January, 2012

London chef Michel Roux Jr has joined forces with French wine maker Michel Chapoutier to create wines named after Roux’s restaurant Le Gavroche.

The wines – one red, one white, are to be sold at Roux's two Michelin starred restaurant in London's Mayfair. They are made from organic and biodynamic grapes. The red, from the Languedoc, is made from Grenache Noir and Syrah. The white, from Ardeche, is a Viognier.

Michel Roux Jr said: “I have always wanted to make a Le Gavroche wine; something that would compliment our food and reflect the great heritage of our restaurant.

“I knew, that if we ever did get round to it, Chapoutier would definitely be the man for the job and I think everyone who tastes our wines will agree that we’ve managed to create something pretty special.”

Chapoutier has supplied wines to Le Gavroche for more than 40 years.

The Le Gavroche red wine is priced at £34 a bottle, and the white at £32 (prices not inclusive of 12.5% service charge).


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