Bell's whisky gets £1.35m push

14 November, 2011

UK: Diageo GB is re-positioning its Bellís blended scotch whisky brand via a £1.35m TV ad campaign.

According to Diageo, Bellís is the number one blended whisky in the UK, with a 25% share of the total blended whisky category.

The ad campaign will run from now until the end of December, with more coverage than last yearís TV campaign, spanning TV, pub TV and digital channels. There will also be an "up-weighting" in Scotland at the end of November and in to December.

Oakley Walters, Bellís brand manager said: ďOur research has shown that Bellís consumers are young at heart, socially active people who are open to new experiences and want their whisky to be a reliable, quality drink.

ďThrough our new campaign we are re-invigorating the brand and helping the blended whisky category to grow by dialling-up the benefits of blended whisky and the quality of Bellís.Ē


David Williams

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