Brazil emerges as imported wine market

14 April, 2011

Brazilians are increasingly turning to wine as their beverage of choice, according to consumer research published by Wine Intelligence.

The Brazil Wine Market Landscape Report found that Brazil’s buoyant economy has created a new middle class and there is now around 18 million people that drink imported wine at least twice a year.

According to Wine Intelligence, there is an “optimistic outlook” for imported wine in Brazil, a market that despite its 200m population has seen “slow progress” up to now.

The Brazil Wine Market Landscape Report found that while the typical Brazilian is still a beer drinker, wine is the preserve of urban professionals based in cities such as Rio de Janeiro and São Paolo.

Within the wine category, the research showed that three quarters of imported wine drinkers are drinking sparkling wine “several times a year”.

Wine Intelligence researchers also found that festivals and other celebrations remain the principal wine drinking occasions in Brazil.

Dirceu Vianna Junior MW, Wine Intelligence's Brazil correspondent and report editor said: “Amid high levels [of] taxation [and] bureaucracy (not to mention immanent new anti-fraud duty policies), Brazil is not a wine market without hurdles.

"But the economy is strong; the consumer is confident, keen to learn and eager to embrace the cultural aspects of wine."

Brazil Wine Market Landscape Report 2011 is published as part of the Wine Intelligence Landscapes report. Visit


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