These versatile brews are growing in popularity at a rate of knots as they become a vital part of the bar call. Patience Gould investigates

Herbal Hotspot

28 October, 2013

Recruiting new consumers is the main challenge facing bitters, but the cocktail is there to help. Patience Gould reports

Mast-Jgermeister has begun the transition to take UK distribution in-house after announcing plans to establish its own London subsidiary.


08 January, 2013

Bitters are making a huge comeback worldwide as innovative brands and classic cocktails push them into the limelight. Patience Gould reviews the category

Cellar Trends plans to slowly prise Jgermeisterfrom its Red Bullglass-partner by convincing consumers to drink the brand as a cold shot.

US: Sidney Frank has appointed Adam Rosen to the role of executive vice president, marketing/Jgermeister.

Jgermeister parent company Mast-Jgermeister has appointed Denis Schrey to its management team.


The trials and tribulations of getting your favourite tipple

Patience Gould puts in a good word for the multinationals who are promoting spirits and helping to bring them more into the mainstream

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